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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Claremont Retirement Village different?
Most local retirement communities offer the same things, such as, meals, emergency support, social opportunities, housekeeping service, etc.   A few of the things that makes us unique, is our home-like environment. Every apartment at Claremont has a large sliding glass door that leads to a screened porch and garden space next to your apartment. You’ll get to enjoy the fresh air, flowers, green grass, trees, and sunshine.  It feels like a secluded neighborhood with lots of green space rather than a hotel with cement everywhere. Claremont Retirement Village is all on one level. We don’t have any elevators or stairs to climb.
Another thing that makes Claremont unique is our passion for art. Our goal is to be an art hub for local and even regional artists. We offer art shows, art education, and art events.  If you’re an art lover this is a perfect place for you.

Can I receive some assistance in Independent Living?
Yes, you can receive some assistance  with independent home health care services.   When your needs increase we have assisted living apartment options. None of our accommodations have shared rooms, unless your spouse joins you in one of our spacious apartments.

What happens when I need more care?
We offer a wide range of care from independent living, assisted living, memory care, and even hospice care can be provided.  Every resident's apartment at Claremont Retirement Village is private.

Can I afford to live at Claremont Retirement Village?
Our Independent living, one-bedroom apartments start at just $1,675 per month. We offer one of the best values for retirement living in the Columbus, Ohio area. The price includes dinner, housekeeping, maintenance support, transportation, activities, emergency care, basic cable, and much more.

 Do we Accept Medicare, Medicaid or VA Benefits?

VA benefits are available to people who have served in the military during war time, have a lower income, and have care needs. Give us a call at 614-761-1892, and we can connect you with a local specialist, who will help you apply for VA Benefits. This is a free service. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid as payment.